Gina Booth Psychic Medium

Whether you are interested in a medium reading, ghost busting or you are just plain curious I’m glad you’re here.
Some of the information that you will find here includes what you can expect from a Medium Reading, Angel Card Reading, Ghost Busting and Ghosts. Please see the frequently asked question section.

I am available for Individual Readings, Phone Readings, (which can also be done for those living outside of the Minnesota area), Group/Gallery Readings, End Of Life Transitional Communication, Ghost Busting, Space Clearing, and Speaking Engagements.
I also do consultations over the phone for people living in Minnesota and other areas of the country with questions regarding any of the services I offer.

If you would like to request information about my services or an appointment please call  612-293-9054 or email and I will respond to your request as quickly as I can.
In the subject line of your email please include what you are inquiring about. For example,  Request A Reading or Request A Ghost Busting.


Psychic medium readings are NOT a replacement for professional medical or psychiatric treatment.
They are NOT meant as a method to diagnose or medically treat conditions requiring professional attention.
Experiencing “paranormal activity” sometimes can be an indication that other professional treatment may be required. Therefore, all persons inquiring about ghost work are screened.