Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medium reading?

When doing a medium reading I am able to communicate with loved ones that have passed away. In my experience, these types of readings assist people with their grieving process and can also help to bring closure. While doing the reading I utilize my gifts of Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing), and Clairsentience (feeling).  I am also able to communicate with spirit guides when there are additional messages to convey that may help the person during their session. This type of reading can be very healing, however, there is no guarantee a spirit or the spirit you are seeking will come forward. It is best to come to the session with an open mind and no set expectations.

What is an Angel Card reading?

Angel Card readings are similar in style to other card readings and the communication comes from spirit guides.

What can I expect during a ghostbusting?

Some people want a ghost removed and others do not, they just want to know who is sharing their space with them. During a ghost busting I will attempt to communicate with the ghost(s) and try to get them to crossover or leave the location, there is no set time limit on how long this can take, it depends on the ghost, how willing they are to communicate and why they are there. I will also try to educate the home or business owner about ghosts and the reasons for hauntings.  It is important to have the owner of the property participate in the ghost busting, the reason for this is so that the ghost understands that they need to move on and that the space that they have been haunting belongs to the homeowner and not to the ghost. If the owners just want to know who the ghost is that has been sharing their space I will attempt to communicate with them to learn as much information as possible, I will then relay this information back to the living occupants.  However, if the ghost that I come in contact with decides that they do want to move on I have an ethical responsibility to do this, and homeowners are usually fine with this. Sometimes you can not get a ghost to leave the premises.  In this instance, I will educate the home or business owner on setting boundaries.

What is a ghost and why do they haunt a location?

A ghost is the soul of someone who has died and has not crossed over, there can be several reasons for this.  Below are listed a few, but not all, reasons as to why.

1. The ghost is attracted to a particular location, person/family or object.

2. The person died in such a way that they do not realize that they are no longer alive in a physical body.

3. The ghost does not want to cross over due to religious beliefs or fear.

4. The person does not want to have to be around someone that they knew when they were living.

5. They simply don’t understand where they are supposed to go after they die.

6. Another ghost can be preventing them from moving on, keeping them trapped at a location.


Is a ghost sometimes not a ghost?

Yes.  Sometimes a loved one that has died is attempting to communicate to others or to let them know that they are there by doing certain things in a location that are similar to what a ghost would do to get attention. Another instance a ghost is not a ghost is when you have residual energy that is left behind, think of this as an imprint left on the environment that keeps playing itself over and over again like a tape recording.  Poltergeist activity has been proven to either be telekinesis or a physics phenomenon, this is no longer believed to be ghostly activity.

Is there ever a time that information may not come through in a reading?

Yes,  this can happen.  The reasons for this can be that the psychic that is doing the reading may not be the right person that is supposed to read for you. Another reason could be that the person that is having the session is not relaxed or receptive enough to having the reading done.

Do spirits come through with negative messages and should I fear what they have to say?

During a reading, the messages that are given are very loving.  Sometimes there will be guidance passed along to help us better ourselves and these messages are always sent in compassion. It is not spirits intent to judge us or discipline us, they only want the very best for you, therefore you should never fear having a reading or the messages that are relayed during a session.

Do psychics predict death or tragedies?

No, an ethical psychic/medium will NEVER predict death or tragic events.  This should NEVER happen during a session with any practitioner a person has a reading with.

Will the information from my reading session or ghostbusting ever be shared?

Information that comes through in a reading session or ghost busting is confidential and will never be shared without the client’s permission.

What is the cost of a reading session and how long do they last? 

There are three options for reading sessions:

  • $100 for an hour
  • $75 for forty-five minutes
  • $60 for thirty minutes

What is the cost of a ghostbusting and/or space clearing?

A ghostbusting and/or space clearing is a flat rate of $150.